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ATL was found during the high school days of Richkid, Addi Melody, Young Lee and Jason Larbi, one of the producers besides Killmatic and Kasapa. They all grew up in Accra (Ghana) and couldn't imagine to do anything else but music. BuTik joined ATL in 2011 and in 2014 Richkid listened online to some tracks of Gambino Akuboy, who became the latest member of ATL.

Music comes from one's soul and is meant to make you grow. ATL is like a family and eversince lives for their music. But never forget ATL is much more than just the singers and rappers. Beyond the musicians is a whole crew of people that give their lives and their hearts for this movement.


Be nice and proud,


Addi Melody from ATL Crew
Gambino Akuboy Afrobeats Artist from ATL Crew
Richkid from ATL Crew
Young Lee from ATL Crew
Butik from ATL Crew
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